by Brent Kostyniuk During 1932 and 1933, an estimated seven to ten million people starved to death in Soviet controlled Ukraine because of a man-made famine, the Holodomor—death by starvation—even though the country was producing bumper crops of grain. Recently, 340 elementary children at St. Theresa of Calcutta Catholic School in Edmonton gathered for a […]


by Brent Kostyniuk In the Byzantine religious tradition, a new Christian becomes a complete member of the Church by receiving the three Mysteries (Sacraments) of Initiation—Baptism, Chrismation, and Holy Eucharist–at the same time. The rationale for this is that from the beginning, the new Christian will be able to fully participate in the life of […]

Unity 2017

by Brent Kostyniuk Most Catholics will be well aware of World Youth Day (WYD), a gathering of young people which takes place in a different country every three years. A much more accessible event, Unity, is sponsored annually by the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada. This year, Unity will take place from August 17 to […]

Royal Doors

by Brent Kostyniuk One of the most distinctive features of the interior of a Byzantine church is its iconostasis, a richly decorated icon screen which establishes the altar area. Far from being a wall which isolates the nave from the sanctuary, theologically the iconostasis actually serves to bring the two together. In Byzantine theology, the […]


by Brent Kostyniuk As Christians, one of the things we most strive for is to trust God. Most of us are familiar with the image of Christ with His arms extended towards us, offering His Divine Love and Protection—Jesus, I trust You—this holy image admonishes us. Trust comes in many forms and degrees. Ultimately, we […]