Resources for the Catechism “Christ Our Pascha”

Welcome to the Resource page for Christ Our Pascha, the English translation of the Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

These materials have been prepared by the National Catechetical Commission of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada to assist parish priests and catechists in their presentation of the Catechism to the faithful.

The resources include:

PowerPoint Presentations

There is one presentation for each of the three parts of the Catechism (from 26 to 30 slides per presentation). These are based on the Table of Contents with presentation notes for each slide. The notes are of uneven length given the content of a particular section. Some sections are more simply described than others. Reference is made to the relevant paragraphs of the Catechism to enable the participants to follow using the text of the Catechism. While the videos are also embedded in the PowerPoints, they can also be used on their own.

Catechism Part 1

Catechism Part 2

Catechism Part 3 [to be completed soon]


  • A message from His Beatitude, Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk

  • A message from Bishop Peter Stasiuk, CSsR, Chair of the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission and Bishop of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

  • An introduction to Part 1 “The Faith of the Church” by the Right Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies.

  • An introduction to Part 2 “The Prayer of the Church” by the Very Rev. Dr. Peter Galadza, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies

  • An introduction to Part 3 “The Life of the Church” by the Very Rev. Dr. Peter Galadza, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies


Each of the three parts of the Catechism is described by renowned scholars of our Church. These articles offer background information in written form to give the parish presenter an overall orientation to the given part. They are translations of talks delivered in Ukrainian during the Scholarly-Practical Catechetical Conference for the Entire Church held in Lviv, from June 24-25, 2011. Our National Commission was given permission to translate them into English by the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission. The authors of the presentations are:

  1. Ver. Rev. Dr. Myron Bendyk – Part I – The Faith of the Church
  2. Mykhajlo Petrovych – Part II “The Prayer of the Church” [to be completed soon]
  3. His Beatitude, Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk – Part III – The Life of the Church 

Reflection Questions

The Catechism can be presented with the help of reflection questions. Using the Table of Contents, the questions take three forms:

  • Questions for information (as a way to get into the text).
  • Questions for group discussion. These may be posed after a certain amount of material has been covered in order to allow the participants to share their own questions and insights into the material
  • Questions for personal reflection. Usually these would be posed at the end of a session in order for the participants to interiorize the material and apply it to their own lives. These would not necessarily be shared in the group.

Questions for Part I

Questions for Part II [to be completed soon]

Questions for Part III [to be completed soon]


The Catechism is written in language which is quite understandable, however, some of the terminology may not be familiar to every reader. Where the term is not defined in the text of the Catechism, an explanation is given in the Glossary. While every attempt was made to keep these entries brief, in the case of a very few, some have received more extensive treatment. The paragraph where the term is first used is given to help identify the context of the word.

Items in the Glossary were reviewed by the following Ukrainian Catholic scholars: Right Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky, Dr. Daniel Galadza, Very Rev. Dr. Peter Galadza, Dr. Jaroslav Skira, Rev. Dr. Myroslaw Tataryn, Rev. Prof. Michael Winn.

We invite further submissions of words for future inclusion in the Glossary. It will be posted once completed.