June 21, 2017 – Matthew 10:16-22

Matthew 10:16-22

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Imagine being called to jury duty and sitting in the courtroom to hear the proceedings of an important trial. The two sides proceed with their opening introductions and the first witness is called forth. The witness takes the stand and immediately begins telling a story, but not one they have been asked to give an account of by the court, but rather their own story- where they grew up the food that they enjoy, the hobbies that they have etc.! Witnesses are just that, those who have witnessed something outside of themselves and so are called to give an account. It’s not about them.

As Our Lord sends out His disciples into the world to preach the Good News, He reminds them that it is not about them. They will encounter resistance and persecution, but that ultimately it will not be their power that will save them but the Lord working through them, their witness to Him, which will change the world. Christ tells them that some of them will even be killed, but they will still be successful because it is not about them, it is about Him! Once we understand this we are invincible, just as all the Christian martyrs throughout the centuries have been invincible.

The proper response to the invitation Our Lord gives us today is to remain “as wise as serpents but as innocent as doves.” We are not to be naive or cowardly, but firm and peaceful. How about you? Does the opposition the Gospel faces in the world make you back down, bitter, cynical or vengeful? Remember, it’s about Christ, not us, and He has overcome the world!


About Fr. Michael Winn

Fr. Michael, a priest of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg, is presently serving as Rector of Holy Spirit Seminary in Ottawa. He also teaches a few undergraduate courses as a sessional lecturer with the Sheptytsky Institute at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, and is the general editor of the Ukrainian Catholic Catechism (English Edition) Christ - Our Pascha.