Genesis 4:8-15- Where’s Your Heart At?

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Well, we are already four three whole chapters into Genesis, and there are four people accounted for in the creation of the world, so it’s about time for the first murder, right?

Following the Fall, we see the consequences of sin “echo through” humanity from generation to generation. Our relationships with God and with each other have been damaged and we live in a world where in many cases it is easier to do the wrong thing than it is to do the right thing.

Cain, whose sacrifice was not accepted by God, looks upon his brother Abel with envy, which eats him up to the extent that he murders him. We are not entirely sure why it was that God rejected Cain’s offering and accepted Abel’s, but this serves as a good reminder of the disposition of heart which is essential to true worship. We pray in the fiftieth psalm in the liturgy of the Church throughout the day that the Lord “create a pure heart in us.”  How do we approach God in prayer? Do we approach Him as our loving Father, or do we pray to Him in such a fashion that he will “leave us alone” or “give us what we want.”

Our God is a loving Father, not a pagan idol. Where is our heart with God?

As you pray throughout the day today, take a few seconds before you begin to drive any idols your have out of your mind in order to approach your Heavenly Father in Spirit and Truth.

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Fr. Michael Bombak

About Fr. Michael Bombak

Fr. Michael Bombak is the Assistant Pastor of St. Josaphat Cathedral in Edmonton Alberta. He is also a school teacher and a father of four.