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Glory be to Jesus Christ!

I love science. When I was a boy I spent a lot of time reading about astronomy and different natural phenomena in geology and the other natural sciences. I was fascinated by many of the inventions that had been designed by famous scientists and I even had some crazy inventions of my own (which didn’t work).  Scientific breakthroughs have made life much easier for us and have even made life possible in many cases.

But have you ever heard someone say “science can’t explain it yet, but it’s only a matter of time?” There’s a subtle but dangerous shift here from science to scientism, the idea that everything can be explained scientifically. It’s a faith-claim which states that we live in a world which is only material (what you see is what you get- materialism) and that the only truth that really counts or can be trusted is scientific truth (scientific positivism). We have come so far now that science in many cases does not need to justify herselfwe can do it so we should do it. When we follow this line of reasoning we are back trying to “make a name for ourselves” as the builders of the Tower of Babel did, trying to be gods on our own steam, with our own tools, in our own ways.

Brothers and sisters, true unity will never be established our own way. Unity flows from God, the ultimate triunity- Trinity and the author of our existence and our world. Let us continue to seek His blessing and grace on any projects we take on. Let’s try to “get to heaven” His way!

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Fr. Michael Bombak

About Fr. Michael Bombak

Fr. Michael Bombak is the Assistant Pastor of St. Josaphat Cathedral in Edmonton Alberta. He is also a school teacher and a father of four.